What’s all the lingo about?

More and more we hear financial marketeers talk about financial wellness and/or financial wellbeing. What is it ? (Guess what, it’s the same thing!)
It’s the lingo used to show people that their personal finances are a part of their overall wellbeing, that their personal finances is just as important as their physical and emotional wellbeing. In life, we all have to do things that are good for us but we might not enjoy doing them! For most people that could be looking at the monthly budget for your household. You’re probably wondering why is it just as important as our physical health. Isn’t it just money?

Get ready for it, here comes the stats:
According to a CIPD survey completed, 68 % of people will be stressed about their finances at some point in their life.

In 2018, Bank of Ireland completed a survey and found almost 49% of consumers don’t feel confident about managing their money and over one third of consumers felt that financial advice is only relevant to people who have large sums of money!

In 2019, Irish Life completed a survey and found that 2 in 5 people say that money worries impact their health.

Our View
We are strong believers that your financial wellbeing/wellness/health (whatever you want to call it!) is just as important as your physical and mental health. It’s at the core of what we do here at Neptune, so much so that it’s our company slogan:
‘Give your financial health the attention it deserves’

It is open to anyone who wishes to look at their personal finances. Give us a shout if you feel you could benefit from us looking at your personal finance and we will aim to put you in a better position than when you first met us.

Helena Boland BBS, QFA, TMITI
071 9199067

May 17th, 2023